The Property of Frederic G. Sammis

The Property of Frederic G. Sammis, Huntington Historical Society, 1966.21.1_cropped.jpg
The Property of Frederic G. Sammis, Huntington Historical Society, 1966.21.1.jpg

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The Property of Frederic G. Sammis


Residence; Homestead; Barn; Field; Sailboat; Harbor; Marine; Waterscape


Two watercolors on beige paper depicting views of and from the property of Frederic G. Sammis. Bottom image is 4 x 19.125 inches and bordered by thin grey line, titled "View from the Grounds, Overlooking Huntington Bay, The Long Island Sound & Connecticut." Foreground grassy shore with three single trees, grey water beyond with white highlights, several rocks near the right shoreline. Three sailboats with white sails in midground, passengers visible, flock of birds in the center. Horizon line beyond, house on opposite shore to far left; boat with grey sails to the right near the opposite coast; sandy and grassy knoll on far right with brushily painted trees. Far background distant hills, white steamship in center with two more sailboats; white lighthouse next to coastline on far right; sky filled with grey and white clouds. Upper image is 11 x 22 inches and titled "East Neck Farm, Near Huntington. L.I. The Property of Frederic G. Sammis." Foreground shows choppy waters in blues and white highlights, red sailboat with white sails center, sailing to the left, two passengers; stick in the water to far right suggests shellfishing marker of some sort; several rocks along shoreline with short sandy beach beyond. White split rail fence beyond beach bounding grassy fields planted with orderly rows of trees, shoreline inlet visible to the far left; small fenced in body of water to far right with dirt road extending towards background to its right, single horse cart with one driver traveling towards the background; flagpole in direct center, no flag flying. Midground features dirt road traveling parallel to bottom of painting with two-horse cart and single driver in center traveling towards the left; lone pedestrian on dirt road to the far left walking to the left; fenced fields with planted trees to far left beyond road, next to farmstead with three red barns and four additional red or white minor outbuildings; two-story white farmhouse to center right with elliptical grassy yard in front planted with single tree; two outbuildings and produce gardens beyond; densely wooded and fenced in area to the far right. Background fades to rolling fields and distant brushy treeline; sky heavily clouded with white and grey, tinges of purple in right half indicate sunset or sunrise. Lettering of both titles is stenciled in black pigment with discrete areas of white highlights.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912), The Property of Frederic G. Sammis, 1880, Watercolor on paper, 26.375 x 31.25 in. (framed), Huntington Historical Society, 1966.21.1




26.375 x 31.25 in. (framed)




Signed lower right corner, upper image, "Edward Lange. Artist.[in pencil "1880"] Elwood. Suffolk Co. N.Y."


Watercolor and gouache on paper

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Huntington

Rights Holder

Huntington Historical Society, 1966.21.1


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “The Property of Frederic G. Sammis,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed September 29, 2023,