Scavenger Hunt: Looking for Lange


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Join the Town of Huntington Historic Partnership (THHP) in this community scavenger hunt! Can you find all eight of these sites that Lange painted?

Edward Lange was a landscape painter who worked in and around Huntington, NY during the 1870s and 1880s. Originally from Germany, everything here was new for the immigrant artist. Lange roamed Long Island, fascinated with recording scenes of its local life and scenery. In the one hundred and fifty years since the artist moved to Long Island, a lot has changed. By retracing his steps, we can stand where the artist once stood. Each of the clues listed to the right will bring you to a new local site in Huntington and give you a chance to compare our world to Lange’s. Follow the extra steps to make your way to a nearby historic site or museum to learn more about Huntington’s past and see several Lange paintings in person!

The Town of Huntington Historic Partnership (THHP)

Preservation Long Island  |  Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum  |  Huntington Historical Society  |  Walt Whitman Birthplace  |  Northport Historical Society  |  Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Society  |  Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium  |  Heckscher Museum


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