Northport. L.I.

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Northport. L.I.


Panorama; Harbor; Main Street; Tidal Mill; Business; Storefront; Sailboat; Marine; Waterscape; H.S. Sammis & Son; Suffolk Co. Journal; Shipyard; Composite; Scudder, Henry J.; Hirshfield, S.; Sammis, H.S.; Bunce, Isa; Sanford, Charles; Scudder, C.F.; Pausel, A.; Conklin; Thompson; Cockcroft; Jarvis; Mills, R.; Brown, Grace


Albumen photographis print of seventeen sketches depicting scenes in and around Northport. Center image shows a view looking north along the wharves lining Northport Harbor, features boat named "Dug Williams" and "Copyrighted" note in bottom left corner; panoramic view of Eaton's Neck positioned on top of upper left corner. Fifteen additional sketches surround this center image. At top left is a scene of First National Hall and the Journal Building of the Suffolk Co. Journal. To the right is a view of the Presbyterian Church and the Soldier's Monument, to its right is a sketch of H.S. Sammis & Son's business in building materials, to its right a panoramic view of Bluff Point. Beneath this on the right side is a sketch titled "Northport Harbor from Kissam's Farm, Greenlawn", under which is a sketch of Lower Main Street and then a view along Woodbine Avenue, a small sketch of the public school is overlaid in the top corner of the Woodbine Ave scene. On the bottom, centered, is a view titled "Northport Harbor from the Premises of Henry J. Scudder" showing sailboats in the harbor and buildings along the wharves on the opposite side. On the left side at the very bottom are two small sketches of "Miss Grace Brown's Day School" and the sail loft and shipyard of Mills and Jarvis, above this is an image of the Methodist Episcopal Church with a small sketch of the Baptist Church overlaid in the top right corner, above is a "View Near the Old Trough Mill" and then a view of Upper Main Street. The edges of some individual sketches are noticeable in this photographic print, indicating that while these smaller sketches could have been adhered to a backing it is also possible they were laid down without such adhesive securing them in place permanently. Not all of the smaller sketches appear to be on unique pieces of paper, several seem to be grouped on the same strip or piece. Print has been removed from original cardboaerd backing and adhered to conservation material.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912), Northport. L.I., ca. 1886-1889, Albumen print, 7.375 x 12.875 in. (unframed), Northport Historical Society, 2021.21.6


ca. 1886-1889


7.375 x 12.875 in. (unframed)


Print (Photograph)


Signed lower left corner of center picture, "Edw. Lange Art. Elwood Suffolk Co. N.Y."


Albumen print

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Northport

Rights Holder

Northport Historical Society


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “Northport. L.I.,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed July 23, 2024,