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Greenlawn & Centreport


LIRR; Train Station; Grisaille


Ink wash, lead pencil, and gouache on brown paper showing a view of the train station located in Greenlawn/Centerport. Foreground filled with grassy triangle bounded on far right side by a dirt road extending back and towards the center of the painting, bounded roughly horizontally by train tracks that extend from the left foreground slightly back to the right midground, L.I.R.R. train on far right side traveling towards the left; single-horse cart with driver located in direct center of foreground, single-horse cart with two passengers standing on far right side in the dirt road, pedestrian on far left side walking along small dirt walkway towards the tracks and station beyond. Midground focuses on the far side of the train tracks, to the far left a train station with sign reading "Greenlawn & Centreport", wooden platform outside meeting with tracks on which five people are gathered, additional pedestrians walking along platform that extends along the tracks to the right; next to station a cart stopped outside reads "US Mail. Elwood & Comac"; additional carriage house and structures beyond including the "Greenlawn Hotel" in central midground, wraparound porch populated by a number of people, carriages parked and moving outside in front, tree line the sides of the hotel property; dirt road moving towards the back of the painting intersects the train tracks to the right side, on which several carriages and pedestrians travel; beyond the road to the right and bounded by split rail fences are at least two residences with further outbuildings, trees and shrubs ornamentally decorate the yards. Background is obscured by the tall structures of the midground, horizon line halfway up the sheet of paper, blurry hills visible in some parts beyond that meet with a lightly clouded sky above. Painted en grisaille.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912), Greenlawn & Centreport, 1880, Ink wash, lead pencil, and gouache on paper, 15.625 x 26.8.75 in. (framed), Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association




15.625 x 26.8.75 in. (framed)




Signed lower right corner, "Edwrd Lange. Artist/ Elwood. Suffolk Co. N.Y. 1880"


Ink wash, lead pencil, and gouache on paper

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Greenlawn

Rights Holder

Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “Greenlawn & Centreport,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed July 14, 2024,