View of Centreport Harbor, L.I.

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View of Centreport Harbor, L.I., Collection of Newman Family.jpg

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View of Centreport Harbor, L.I.


Waterscape; Marine; Boat; Sailboat; Tidal Mill; Harbor


Watercolor and gouache on brown paper with a view looking north with Centerport Harbor in the distance. Foreground depicts dirt road curving throughout the left side and rounding out to extend horizontally across the center of the painting to the far right side; water of Mill Pond beyond the road, upon which a small sailboat travels toward the far right side of the picture; horse with single rider grazing on small tufts of grass at the water's edge; man with fishing pole walking away from the viewer along dirt road to left side. Midground to far left shows red barn next to white two-and-a-half story house bounded by picket fence, single trees variously located along the property; adjacent to small intersection of dirt road, beyond which is located a small wharf with docked sailboat; further to right is yellow tidal mill and connected buildings with single-cart cart and driver hauling cargo of white bags along the road towards the right, single man standing along the road outside the mill buildings; path continues towards the right with single-horse cart traveling towards the left on its far right side; moored sailboat in harbor beyond. Background shows panoramic view of the opposite bank (west shore) of Centerport Harbor; various white residential and outbuilding structures scattered throughout forested hillside, one larger yellow structure located in center; view of the water fades back and to the left to meet the horizon line; white clouds populate the light blue sky above.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912), View of Centreport Harbor, L.I., 1880, Watercolor and gouache on paper, Private collection






Signed lower right corner, "Edw Lange. 1880"


Watercolor and gouache on paper

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Centerport

Rights Holder

Private collection


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “View of Centreport Harbor, L.I.,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed June 19, 2024,