Grist Mill, Mill Dam Road, Smithtown

Grist Mill, Dam Road, Smithtown, Long Island Museum, 1976.017.0060.jpg

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Grist Mill, Mill Dam Road, Smithtown


Barn; Farmstead; Mill; Outbuildings; Horses; Residence; Business


Watercolor and gouache on light colored paper showing a view of a mill site, possibly in Smithtown. Center of foreground contains intersection of a road traveling back and to the right with a roundabout drive looping to the left and reconnecting with the road in the midground, two large millstones with driveshafts lay on grassy yard in center foreground; similar grassy yard located to far right, bounded by white split rail fence running along outside border of road; cluster of trees to left foreground. Left midground features series of red-painted structures associated with the mill site; horses hitched to carts filled with bags—possibly of flour or grain—stand underneath the roof of a two-bay cart shed and in front of adjacent two-and-a-half story storehouse or millhouse building with single-story side extension, additional farmyard structure beyond with hewn or sawn boards strewn in front; white split rails running parallel in center midground border a sunken canal, presumably sourcing water to power milling process, which runs under wooden bridge across road and disappears off paper to the far right; running parallel and further back, another set of rails indicate the presence of a sunken canal or channel; to its right, a yellow, story-and-a-half farmhouse sits on the right side of the dirt road. Background features brushy trees throughout, clearing in center of background shows a larger story-and-a-half residential structure with several outbuildings; to back right several additional outbuildings visible, partially obscured by trees; sky above largely blue with several patchy white clouds.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912), Grist Mill, Mill Dam Road, Smithtown, 1877, Watercolor and gouache on paper, 14.75 x 21.875 in. (unframed); 23 x 32 in. (framed), Long Island Museum, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Melville, 1976, 1976.017.0060




14.75 x 21.875 in. (unframed); 23 x 32 in. (framed)




Signed lower right corner, "1877 Edwrd Lange"


Watercolor and gouache on paper

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Smithtown; Smithtown

Rights Holder

Long Island Museum, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Melville, 1976, 1976.017.0060


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “Grist Mill, Mill Dam Road, Smithtown,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed July 23, 2024,