M.R. Conklin, Country Dealer

M.R. Conklin, Country Dealer, Preservation Long Island, 1984.27_cropped.jpg
M.R. Conklin, Country Dealer, Preservation Long Island, 1984.27.jpg

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M.R. Conklin, Country Dealer


Country Store; Storefront; Millinery; Commodity; Business; Conklin, Melville R.; Smith, Sarah M.


Watercolor on beige paper, watermark visible lower left "J. Whatman 1871"; depicts country store of M.R. Conklin, possibly located at the crossroads of Bayview Avenue and Washington Street. Two trees on each side of the foreground, extending upwards to the top third of the paper, frame the scene on both sides; curving, white picket fence on left, stone wall and white picket fence on right; two-horse cart with single driver heading from the left fork of the road towards the intersection hauling bags, barrels, and boxes labeled with collaged newsprint as "Feed" "Sugar" "Tea" "Flour" "Dry Goods", cart similarly labeled with collaged newsprint "M.R. Conklin"; two-horse cart with single driver coming from right fork towards intersection hauling load of unmarked bags. Midground depicts large two-and-a-half story structure with white clapboarding and three chimneys; covered porch on side closest the viewer labeled with collaged newsprint "Northport, L.I." "M.R. Conklin Country Dealer" and with ink "Mrs. S. M. Smith" "Millinery."; boxes on left side of porch labeled "S.M.S." sitting next to windows with hats on display; right side of porch with windows display crockery, bottles, and nondescript boxes; two men standing to the right of the porch, one holding the reins of a horse hitched to small cart carrying two bags labeled "M.C."; structure extends back and to the right to include two extensions, the furthest likely a carriage-house; several details of the house and surrounding intersection achieved by scraping through applied pigment to reveal the paper color in sharp lines. Background is densely wooded and brushily painted with greens and blues; light blue sky is generally clear with relatively little pigment applied in areas.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange (1846-1912). M.R. Conklin, Country Dealer, 1873. Watercolor and collage on paper, 17.6875 x 23.5 in. (unframed); 25.375 x 31.125 in. (framed). Preservation Long Island, Gift of Mr. Valdemar F. Jacobsen, 1984.27




17.6875 x 23.5 in. (unframed); 25.375 x 31.125 in. (framed)




Signed lower right corner, "Edwrd Lange. 1873"


Watercolor and collage on paper

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Northport

Rights Holder

Preservation Long Island, Gift of Mr. Valdemar F. Jacobsen, 1984.27


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