Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Avenue

Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Ave, M1975.733_lowres_cropped.jpg

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Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Avenue


Main Street; Harbor; Panorama; Field; Waterscape; Composite; Eaton, W.B.; Aitkin, T.


Albumen photographic print of five sketches depicting various views of Huntington. Bottom third of print titled "Birdseye View of Huntington Bay" and depicts a wide angled view of the harbor beyond patchwork fields lined with rows of trees and dotted with buildings throughout. Middle third of print titled "Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Ave." and shows a view of Huntington from atop a hill; right side of foreground showing farmer gathering up piles of hay and loading a haycart, man and woman pointing towards right in the center of foreground, farmer tilling a field to far right of foreground; left side of midground lined with trees along split rail fence, cluster of buildings visible in center midground, rolling fields extend to the right midground with futher buildings visible beyond; background fades into further hills and sky. Top third of print depicts three distinct sketches: far left shows picture titled "Main Street. Southside." and depicts street extending to back right lines with various buildings and carriages traveling the road; center image titled "Huntington Harbor" and depicts a view across the bay with buildings visible on the far side to the right, road traveling across foreground with stagecoach and passengers moving to the left, ornamentally planted yard visible in foreground to the right, sailboats and steamships sketched throughout the waters of the harbor; for right image titled "Main Street. Northside." and depicts storefront with signage reading "W.B. Eaton" and bustling road extending towards back right, carriages and people clustered in front of stores, man and woman with parasol in foreground looking out at the scene. Albumen print mounted to thick cardboard.


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist]


Edward Lange, "Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Ave.," 1881, albumen print mounted on board; M1975.733; Brooklyn Public Library, Center for Brooklyn History. [board cropped]




Print (Photograph)


Signed middle right side, "Photo from Original Drawing by Edw. Lange. Elwood. Suffolk Co. N.Y. 1881"


Albumen print

Spatial Coverage

New York; Suffolk County; Town of Huntington; Huntington

Rights Holder

Brooklyn Public Library, Center for Brooklyn History


Lange, Edward (1846-1912) [Artist], “Panorama View of Huntington from Woolsey Avenue,” The Art of Edward Lange , accessed September 30, 2023,